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RC Pets Cooling Pad Sapphire – Medium


Help your pet beat the heat with the Cool Comfort Mat! Using evaporative cooling technology to keep your furry friend cool and comfortable in hot weather, this non-toxic mat features a waterproof exterior that keeps your pet dry, air mesh lining, and a super-absorbent interior that can hold up to three times its weight. Simply unzip, add cold water, zip it up, and give it a gentle squeeze. Then, lay the mat out to give your pet a place to cool off.

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  • 32`` Width X 26`` Height
  • Evaporative cooling technology helps keep pets comfortable in hot weather
  • Made from non-toxic materials, free from gel, eliminating risk of poisoning in case of chewing or ingestion
  • 3 layers: waterproof shell, breathable air mesh lining, & an interior layer that absorbs up to 3x its own weight
  • Can be folded into itself for easy transportation & storage
  • Easy to wipe clean & machine washable
  • Stays cool for approximately 1 hour (dependent on environmental conditions) & can be placed in refrigerator for extra cooling effect

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Weight 338.00 g



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