Fromm Crunchy O’s


7 flavours of recklessly crunchy treats!

  • Banana Kablammas: Bananas, oats, and cinnamon for an explosive crunch of flavor
  • Pot Roast Punchers: This combination of beef, oats, potatoes, and veggies really packs a punch
  • Pumpkin Kran Pow: Turkey, cranberries and pumpkin. Think Thanksgiving with a crunchy kick
  • Smokin’ CheesePlosion: Cheese, veggies and a great smoke flavor ready to blast its way to the top of your treat list
  • Blueberry Blasts: Chicken, blueberries, a touch of tapioca and a blast of flavor
  • Slammon’ Smoked Salmon: Smoked salmon and sweet potato just got a new voice, and it is loud
  • Peanut Butter Jammers: Peanut butter, strawberry, and blueberry — a classic combo with a twist (or should we say crunch)
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Roughly 2 calories per treat

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Weight 184.00 g



Slammon' Smoked Salmon, Pot Roast Punchers, Peanut Butter Jammers, Smokin' Cheeseplosions, Pumpkin Kran Pow, Blueberry Blasts, Banana Kablammas, smokin' cheeseplosions


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