Flexi Leash Classic Cord – 5M


Flexi Classic Cord Retractable Dog Leash is a light cord leash that is perfect for your dogs, cats and small animals. Depending on their weight and size, you’ll have the ability to have a secure and walk. Your furry friends have the ability to have anywhere from 3m to 5m of walking flexibility. The intuitive handling is because of the convenient brake button with an ergonomic soft grip which makes walking with your pets more relaxed.

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  • Flexi Classic Cord Small 5m, Length: 6.6″, Width: 1.34″, Height: 3.94″”, For your dogs up to 12kg
  • Flexi Classic Cord Medium 5m, Length: 6.5″, Width: 1.34″, Height: 4″, For your dogs up to 20kg

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Weight 203.00 g



Medium, Small


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