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Adored Beast – Your Go 2 – 30ml


Your Go 2 is a first response homeopathic combination to address pain, shock, trauma, fever, disease, inflammation, and more at the initial onset.

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Homeopathic Arnica

Arnica montana is an herb that grows mainly in Siberia and central Europe. From root to petal, the entire Arnica plant is used in homeopathic preparations, and we now know that Arnica’s healing power comes from unique anti-inflammatory compounds like helenalin and flavonoids. Indicated for trauma, bruising, pain, swelling, inflammation, fear.

Homeopathic Aconite

One of the oldest homeopathic remedies. Aconitum napellus, or Aconite, is a commonly used homeopathic remedy for acute conditions and sudden-onset situations. Its sphere of action is wide, having effect on almost all parts of body. Aconite is indicated for pain, hypersensitivity, fear, trauma, fever, stomach issues.


  • Homeopathic Arnica 200c
  • Homeopathic Aconite 200c
  • Prepared in a 13% alcohol base

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Weight 94.00 g



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