Raw Dog Food

Many dog owners are switching their pets to a raw diet. Why? Because they want their best friend to live a long, healthy lifestyle. They see the benefits of feeding a diet that is closer to what nature intended.

Looking for a raw dog food supplier in Cranbrook, B.C.?

The Paw Shop carries raw dog food by Pets Go Raw. Processed by Top Hand Supplies Ltd., which is located right here in Cranbrook, B.C., Pets Go Raw is a raw dog food made from government-inspected, human-grade meats, vegetables and fruits as well as farm-fresh eggs, and kelp supplements from Canada’s east coast. It is finely ground for easy digestibility and full absorption of the nutrients. No by-products or meal are used.

Feeding raw dog food

It’s easier than you think. Of course, you’ll want to handle it the same as any raw meat, but it comes in frozen ½-pound pucks for medium- to large-sized dogs or ¼-pound pucks for the littles. You can let it defrost before feeding or feed frozen, which some do in the summer.

The Paw Shop carries all combinations of Pets Go Raw for dogs, from salmon, beef and chicken full meal to vegi-fruit and our popular econo blend.

Dogs are carnivorous. They crave meat, and for most dog owners, it is an easy switch to feeding raw dog food.

The benefits of feeding raw dog food include:

  • Cleaner, whiter teeth
  • Healthier skin and a shiner coat
  • Improved weight control
  • More energy and increased longevity
  • Solution to allergies
  • Less stool that is easier to clean up

Have questions? Feel free to drop in and ask our staff about the benefits they’ve seen from having their dogs on a raw diet.


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