Messy Mutts Raw Bowl Cover Set


Make your life easier by prepping raw and dehydrated meals ahead of time with a 6pc Messy Mutts stainless bowl and silicone lid combo set. The silicone lids provide an air-tight seal that is spill resistant, easy to store, stackable, freezer and dishwasher safe. Help reduce cross contamination in your kitchen by preparing dogs meals in the bowl they eat out of…and then putting it in the dishwasher!

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Each set contains three stainless steel bowls

  • X-Large - (48 oz / 6 cups per bowl, 8.8" d x 2" h) and three silicone lids (8.8” d)
  • Large - (24oz / 3 cups per bowl, 7" d x 2" h) and three silicone lids (7” d)
  • Medium - (12oz / 1.5 cups per bowl, 5.5" d x 1.5" h) and three silicone lids (5.5” d).

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Weight 415.00 g
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Large, Medium, X-Large


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