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Purodora Lab Pet Bedding Odor Neutralizer – 500ml


Eliminates pet odors in bedding, carpets, cushions, sofas and other fabric surfaces – even odors that have been around for months! Neutralizes odors on contact: simply spray and walk away. Gentle enough to use as a weekly home & car freshener, but powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn pet smells. Leaves a clean juniper & pear scent. Biodegradable. Keep your house smelling great the safe way!

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Water, Polysorbate 20, Caprylyl, Odor Neutralizer, Sodium Levulinate, Citric Acid.
Instructions Cushions, bedding, sofas & carpets: Spray product on entire affected area smelling of pet odours and allow to air dry. Leather surfaces: Test product on non-visible area first. Then spray product on a clean cloth and gently wipe entire affected area. Wipe surface dry with a dry cloth. Car interiors: Spray product on carpets, fabric seats and seat belts. Allow to air dry. Do not use on non-water-safe fabrics or fabrics that water spot. Always test product on non-visible area first.
500ml Bottle with spray nozzle

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Weight 569.00 g



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