Ruffwear Confluence Collar


The Confluence Collar is the go-to stink-proof waterproof collar for dogs that love exploring in wet environments. And since with great water comes great stinkability, the collar features a coated webbing that fends off the funk. Flip, slide, and lock the cam buckles for an easy-adjusting and, ultimately, an easy-wearing collar that’s comfortable for everyday wear.

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  • Waterproof collar for dogs
  • Made from 1" TPU polyester webbing with a D-ring, and side release buckle
  • Easy to clean, odour-free and does not absorb liquid
  • Two lock buckles for easy adjustments for the perfect fit
  • Reflective screen-print for visibility in low light conditions

Additional information

Weight 68.00 g



Aurora Teal, Midnight Blue, Red Sumac


14"-20", 20"-26"


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