Petstages Gravity Ball Dog Toy


The Gravity Ball Treat Stuffer dog toy by Petstages is all about interactive fun! This treat ball gives your dog both mental and physical exercise. At playtime, roll the Gravity Ball to make the exciting giggling sound dogs love. Unscrew the top to insert treats or kibble when it’s time for brain games!

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  • makes fun giggling sounds:The Gravity Ball makes silly giggling sounds when rolled to keep dogs interested and active.
  • treat stuffer:The Gravity Ball is a dog toy and a treat stuffer! Stuff your dog's favorite treats inside to keep them occupied as they work for their reward.
  • interactive fun:This treat stuffer dog ball stimulates your dog's senses and natural instincts through sound, motion, and play.
  • easy to clean:Unscrew top to fill with treat or clean. Clean using warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly.
  • play it safe:No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

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