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Petmate Replendish Replacement Filter 3pk


Ensure your 4-legged friend is enjoying fresh, clean refreshment with this Replendish Gravity Pet Waterer Replacement Filters. The external polyester material traps sediments from your pet’s water, while charcoal controls chlorine and odor for a fresher, tastier drink. Your furry friend will feel refreshed and healthy when you add this Petmate Replendish Filter to his or her waterer. The filter works inside your Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer to remove impurities from the water your pet drinks.

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  • External polyester material captures sediments from the water before it reaches your pet&339;s bowl
  • Charcoal helps control chlorine and odors to provide fresh, healthy drinking water
  • Fits all sizes of Replendish Gravity Waterers to accommodate your pet's needs
  • Effective for 30 days
  • Rinse with water before inserting

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Weight 47.00 g



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