Costal Cotton Web Training Leash


Train your dog safely and effectively with the Train Right!® Cotton Web Dog Training Leash! This training leash is recommended by professional trainers due to its strength and comfort. Made from 100% cotton, this leash is perfect for obedience and distance training, walking and general exercise. The swivel-style bolt snap adds an extra level of safety by preventing tangles during use. If you want to teach your dog to obey recall, stay, fetch and more then use the leash recommended by the pros!

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  • Designed for obedience training, distance training, walking, and general exercise.
  • Recommended by dog training professionals due to its strength and comfort.
  • 100% cotton material ensures comfortable training.
  • Swivel-style bolt snap prevents tangling for improved safety.
  • Perfect for training dogs of all sizes.

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Weight 163.00 g



15 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch


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